Corinne ZupkoMy name is Corinne Zupko, and I have peace in my heart. It hasn’t always been this way, as I used to struggle with big time anxiety.

Pain is often a catalyst for growth, and this was very true for me. Although I was afraid of many things, I was not afraid of finding a way back to peace. In the late 90’s, I was given my first copy of the book A Course in Miracles (ACIM). This is when my spiritual and healing journey truly began.

Although my meditation practice began in the late 90’s, I “discovered” mindfulness meditation in 2005 and took the first of many professional trainings in it at that time. I attended my first silent 5-day mindfulness meditation retreat in 2006, and it was nothing short of transformative.

The events in my own life, my work with A Course in Miracles, and my work with mindfulness meditation, taught me that all of the answers I used to seek for in the world, are really found within oneself. When I teach mindfulness to individuals, small groups, or national audiences, I create a space for people to experience the power of mindfulness for themselves through using universal language that is accessible to individuals from any culture or spiritual pathway. Rather than a belief system, mindfulness is an offering, an invitation to “come and see for yourself” how powerful it can be to simply dwell in the present moment.

My credentials include:

  • B.C.C. Board Certified Coach from the Center for Credentialing & Education
  • C.P.C. Certified Professional Coach from the International Coach Academy
  • L.P.C. Licensed Professional Counselor in NJ
  • Ed.S. in Counseling, specializing in Meditation
  • M.A. in Counseling
  • B.A. in Psychology
  • I also have extensive training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through the Center for Mindfulness at UMass. Most recently I completed a 92-hour teacher development intensive training taught by senior staff from the Center for Mindfulness. Admission to the program was limited to those with extensive professional experience, a solid meditation practice, and previous training in MBSR and experience in teaching MBSR.

My experience includes:

  • Speaking at various national and state-wide conferences on mindfulness, including a recent keynote address (for a list of upcoming and recent speaking engagements, click here)
  • Teaching mindfulness in corporate settings
  • Teaching as an adjunct professor of Counselor Education at The College of New Jersey
  • Working in the mental health field with singers and musicians for a decade
  • Teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Teaching mindfulness meditation classes

(If you really want to know more, you can check out my faculty bio here!)

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